Pastor Jonny

Vivacious. Musical. Enthusiastic. Articulate. Creative. Perfectionist. These are a few of the words that describe Pastor Jonny. He has a passion for communicating the Word of God, whether through teaching or preaching. Graduating in 2010 with a bachelors in theology from Logos Christian College, he went on to become a licensed pastor at Harvest Church. Jonny led the Children's Ministry of Harvest Church for five years, during which he developed a tremendous love for teaching and impartation. He became passionate to reach the young, and their families, with the hope of the Gospel. Jonny grew in his love for the Kingdom of God, and in his readiness to extend it. In 2012, Pastor Jonny transitioned to pastor the teen ministry of the house. The group has grown under his oversight, all glory to God!

Travis & Kelsey Scranton

Even before they got hitched, the Scrantons have loved serving as high school group leaders for the past 5 years. They both love ministry, worship team, Bible studies, BB games, and everything youth-related!

Jon & Sara Vanderpool

Jon & Sara Vanderpool are pillars at Harvest! Jon & Sara's education in youth ministry, experience in pastoral care, and heart for the young of the flock makes them phenomenal leaders for our middle school group. (They also have 4 lovely daughters!)


David Benenate

Dave's heart beats for the local church! Whether in dance, facility management, or youth ministry - he gives his all! He is married to Kristi and they have 2 adorable baby girls!


Laura Corbett

Laura is one of our Jr High leaders! She is an out-going, type A personality and all the teens love her!  She leads worship too.


Michaela Kuskie

Michaela is a joy to have on the ROAR team. Her passion for God, his purposes and his people is contagious! She has years of experience in working with teens in a variety of settings, so she is a valuable asset to this team!